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  • Do you have any recipes?
    We have several recipes that we plan to share with you. If you dont' see them on our site yet they are still a work in progress. Check back often! We're actively enhancing our site all of the time.
  • Do you charge for shipping?
    Yes, we do have a shipping charge presently. Please see our Shipping & Returns section for all of the info.
  • Do I have to share?
    Yes! Didn't your mother teach you manners?: Open the jar. Pour a dab of salsa into a bowl. Run away with the jar. (don't forget to grab the bag of chips)
  • Can I get a Wholesale Price Quote?
    Yes, if you are interested in carrying our salsa at your store, contact us by email. We'll then share our distrubution packages with you. Your customers will thank you!
  • Do you do special events?
    We do. One of the larger shows you'll see us at is "War Eagle". We try to keep our fans updated via Facebook for all of our shows. Like our page to keep in the know.
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